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Are you looking to upgrade to the latest version of Unit4 Financials; v14?

Millennium provide upgrade and development services to Unit4 Financials customers and Unit4 themselves all over the word. From simple like for like technical upgrades to finance transformation, re-implementations, Millennium can ensure your project is successful and cost effective.

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Millennium Consulting are very pleased to announce the appointments of Sauro Zani and Roberto Orlandi who will be joining the Millennium Europe team headed up by Daniel Acton-Bond in Milan.

Before joining Millennium in 2018, Daniel was previously the Unit4 Global Practice Head for Unit4 Financials (Coda Financials) and also Managing Director of Unit4 Italy. Daniel’s two right-hand men at Unit4 Italy were Sauro and Roberto, and so after a short break the team are now re-united!

Sauro and Roberto both worked at Unit4 Italy as specialist Unit4 Coda Financials Consultants and Project Managers for nearly 10 years, and many of the European clients (especially the Italian ones) are very pleased to hear of their return to the world of Unit4 Coda Financials.

Sauro and Roberto will be assisting Daniel in running the Millennium Europe operations and supporting all our clients across Europe. This also includes the support of the Unit4 Financials Italian Localisation module, of which all sales, services and support are now managed by Millennium rather than Unit4.

Millennium are very excited to have two such high calibre Unit4 Financials consultants contributing to the global team. The hiring of Sauro and Roberto will enable Millennium to continue to expand and improve their consultancy services across Europe.

With the release of Unit4 Financials expected in Q4 2019, details will be publiched very soon! Watch this space.

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