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Business Intelligence plays an increasingly important role in the modern organisation and enables planning, management and analysis of business performance. Cognos has been a leading Business Intelligence application since the 1980's and in recent years has consolidated its' position as a world-class BPM vendor with the addition of Planning and Consolidation applications. Now part of the IBM brand, Cognos® applications have benefitted from the financial support and technical know how that IBM brings.


Cognos Consultancy


Millennium Consulting has been working with clients deploying Cognos since 1995 and has established itself as a leading consulting partner for organisations deploying/re-engineering Cognos and related applications. Working in partnership with clients, we help define strategy, provide project management and consultancy for complex deployments, re-engineer existing systems and add functionality to ensure processes are streamlined and management information is generated in the appropriate format and on time.


Areas of Expertise:


IBM Cognos 8 Business Intelligence®


IBM Cognos Now!®


IBM Cognos 8 Business Viewpoint®


IBM Cognos 8 Planning®


IBM Cognos TM1®


IBM Cognos TM1 MidMarket Edition®


IBM Cognos 8 Controller®


IBM Cognos 8 Workforce Performance®


IBM Cognos 8 Financial Performance Analytics®


IBM Cognos 8 Banking Risk Performance-Credit Risk®




Aside from providing Business Analytics, Cloud and Financial Planning solutions, we also provide a means of implementing and maintaining your new system with consultation services.


We provide consultancy for a number of situations:


Dedicated Inter-sourced consultants to see the project from start to finish, and even to support the system after deployment.

One-off consultation to help get the ball rolling. We also offer training to your employees.

Bespoke development consultation of Java, IBM Cognos Mashup Services, or Web Development.




The key to any solution in a business is end user adoption, without this any developed solution will soon lose any value proposition.


Training is critical to end user adoption, and as a result we offer a range of training services to suit a broad spectrum of client requirements and budgets to ensure existing or new solutions are given the best opportunity to add value within organisations and reap the anticipated rewards with a high level of user utilisation and adoption.


We can deliver training in a variety of approaches to suit our client’s preference, on large or small scale requests across the whole IBM Business Analytics portfolio.




Things will go wrong. It's a fact. And whilst you can't always anticipate a problem, you can get the insurance you need when something does break.


We can provide support services not just on top of our solutions, but also on solutions not provided by us, giving you the peace of mind that when all hell breaks loose, there's a team of highly trained monkeys looking after the system.


Business Analytics


We combine expert knowledge and experience with the best enterprise analytics tools out there to give your company's data a boost.


IBM Business Analytics software uniquely enables your organisation to apply analytics to decision-making, anytime, anywhere. Learn how Business Analytics is helping organisations of all sizes drive greater efficiencies, manage costs and identify growth opportunities.


Financial Performance Management


The IBM Cognos suite can bring an end to spreadsheet hell. Harness its powerful capabilities to drive forward your profits and build enterprise-wide growth. Liberating your office of finance allows your business to focus on analysing insights and making beneficial, profitable decisions in real-time rather than carrying out time consuming, mundane processes.


IBM Cognos Express


IBM Cognos Express delivers enterprise class reporting, analysis, dashboard, scorecard, planning and budgeting & forecasting capabilities that workgroups and midsize companies need at a price they can afford.


This scalable, preconfigured solution can help you discover and act on new insights quickly – while minimising demands on your IT staff.


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