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Differentia Consulting is an Elite Qlik solution provider in the UK and offers a wide range of Qlik consulting services as well as providing software. These services permit a company to augment their internal development resource with a wide range of skills or to outsource whole projects as required.


Smarter Unit4 Financials with

Differentia Consulting, No1 Qlik Partners in the UK specialise in seamlessly integrating Qlik into the Unit4 Financials environment. Unit4 Financials customers suffer from not having centralised, accessible information, quickly and accurately.

Problems previously associated with complicated and complex Unit4 Financials systems are completely overridden with the implementation of Qlik.

The speed and powerful visualisation features of Qlik add value and enhance your Unit4 Financials date, benefitting more employees and business partners.

Qlik will complement your Unit4 Financials System. With Qlik you're not constrained by preconceived notions of how data should be related, but how it is truly related, allowing for more information decisions to be made faster.

For further information or to request a demonstration, please visit Millennium's Qlik page.

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