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FDC Solutions

FDC Solutions is an established consulting services organization whose mission is to provide value for its customers within the Caterpillar dealership market. Privately held and headquartered in Peoria, IL, FDC works with more than 80 CAT dealerships around the world in supplying an array of solutions to help dealers operate more efficiently and profitably.

Ben Keep, Consulting Director at Millennium Consulting states: “We have been working with a number of US Caterpillar Dealers over the past four years and were pleased to be introduced to the team at FDC Solutions by some of the dealers. We soon recognised the synergies that could be achieved by working together to provide an integrated solution for dealers operating Unit4 Financials and DBS.”

By choosing FDC Solutions for your next IT project, you gain years of unique value and experience. Combine this with their top-notch support and guarantee of satisfaction, and you are ensuring your project’s success.

FDC Solutions