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Details of the next version of Unit4 Financials - Version 15 will be released very soon!

If you are attending the Millennium Unit4 Financials Conference at the Science Gallery London on Thursday 11th April 2019, you will hear the latest news on the upcoming development and the Unit4 future roadmap from Unit4's Product Director - Craig Bassingthwaighte.

For further information on the event and to register, please visit:

Are you looking to upgrade to the latest version of Unit4 Financials; v14?

Millennium provide upgrade and development services to Unit4 Financials customers and Unit4 themselves all over the word. From simple like for like technical upgrades to finance transformation, re-implementations, Millennium can ensure your project is successful and cost effective.

For information on all the new features and functionality in version 14, or to book a demonstration or download the latest brochure, click the upgrade tab in the menu.

Millennium is very pleased to announce the appointment of Daniel Acton-Bond as Millennium's Consulting Manager for Europe.

Daniel has over 20 year's experience working with Unit4 Coda Financials and founded Coda Italy back in 2010. Before joining Millennium Daniel was Managing Director of Unit4 Italy and also the Global Practise Head for Unit4 Financials.

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