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What is it?

Invoice4 is a unique solution that is transforming how organisations approach the Accounts Payable process. The solution enables you to receive 100% of your invoices electronically from day one and removes the need for extensive data entry and associated errors.

What does it do?

By directly receipting purchase invoices, whether paper, PDF, email, XML or EDI, Invoice4 introduces a new starting point - viewing accurate, cleansed electronic invoices from your existing UNIT4 system with a structured process for managing exceptions.Fully integrated and certified, the solution provides the lowest risk and most cost effective means of capturing purchase invoices, giving you a great head start with processing invoices with the highest levels of efficiency and effectiveness.

Through a combination of industry best practices and the solution, you also benefit from a rapidly deployable, cost effective system that transforms costly, error prone manual processes into streamlined, automated, value-added operations

How is it deployed?

As a Managed Service, the Invoice4 solution allows you to benefit from a rapidly deployable, proven solution with no capital investment needed. However, if you wish to keep directly receiving your invoices yourself, the solution can be set up so that you scan the documents and therefore retain the paper. This provides Invoice4 with visibility of the scanned image to continue processing, enabling you to receive 100% of your invoices electronically.

Beat the invoice issues faced by organisations worldwide! Do you need to…

  • improve your purchase to pay process?
  • reduce the time spent dealing with paper invoices?
  • eliminate the need for manual data entry?
  • substantially reduce the price spent?

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