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Qlik Solutions for Unit4 Financials

Unit4 Financials users suffer from not having quick and accurate centralised, accessible information. Problems previously associated with complicated and complex Unit4 Financials systems are completely overridden with the implementation of Qlik.

Qlik can be seamlessly integrated into the Unit4 Financials environment and customers augment the business value of their data with the speed and power of Qlik Sense or QlikView, benefitting more employees and collaborating business partners.

As a company that uses Unit4 Financials you need to consider the following questions:

1. Do you have a management dashboard that is constantly updating?

2. Can you easily see what is happening in all parts of your business?

If the answer to the above questions is no, then consider the next two questions:

1. Are you having trouble centralising information and ownership?

2. Would you like to create transparency across your company and encourage competitive spirit?

If the answer to the above questions is yes, then you should consider Qlik.

With Qlik the possibilities are limitless, information is accessible at the touch of a button, and is constantly updated. Qlik has fast track connectivity into Unit4 Financials, bringing focus and measurement tools at your fingertips. Qlik rapidly removes misunderstandings and the wasted effort of compiling complex and time consuming reports. Qlik is suitable for all levels of analytics within your company; high level down to base data.

Qlik complements Unit4 Financials and can offer you a central reporting tool across the whole company that is easily and quickly implemented, allowing for more informed decisions to be made faster. Many Unit4 Financials customers in the UK alone use Qlik Sense and QlikView to report over their data. Often combining with data from other data sources including other instances of Unit4 Financials, Salesforce etc.

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