Turn the BI Pipedream into a reality

Does BI have its own BI problem?

Astronomic rises in data volumes, technology shifts, increased M&A activity and the explosion in self-service BI in recent years mean that many organisations now have several different tools on the go.

But how can any business make smarter decisions when it doesn’t know which data visualisation to rely on? In other words, BI has developed a BI problem.

So, how do you attain the BI dream? Do you kick-off a costly standardisation project? Force users to change?

Or, do you just give everyone the freedom to work with the tools they need?

Theia is a next-generation consolidation platform for Business Intelligence that brings multiple BI tools and assets in a single visualisation, giving you one view into your entire BI estate.

Everyone keeps their own BI tools. Everyone wins.

Already have Cognos? Business Objects? Spotfire? Tableau? No problem, Theia integrates them all into one user-friendly layer.

IT receive the security, control and compliance they need from enterprise-level platforms

Each department gets to keep the tools they already know and love to use

The C-Suite is able to make joined-up, strategic decisions based on one version of the truth across the entire organisation

Theia enables everyone to work at the top of their game and all of your tools to coexist in harmony. It radically reduces the risk

and expense of standardising your business intelligence estate.

It turns the BI pipedream into a genuine possibility.



use multiple BI tools together in the same visualisation


users get to keep the tools they know and love to use


IT get to keep the security, control and compliance of enterprise solutions


The C-Suite is able to make joined-up, strategic decisions with reliable data


Users no longer have to learn multiple BI systems or hunt for information across them


You can future-proof your BI against disruption from M&A or changes in leadership

Sound almost too good to be true?

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