Unit4 Financials Training

So you’ve made the decision to implement or upgrade Unit4 Financials, implementation is underway and you are shortly due to go live. So much to organise and yet often the crucial process of incorporating an end-user strategy is forgotten – arguably the most important. Unless your staff are trained on using your new software, you cannot expect to reap the full benefits of the investment.

In addition to this there is often the challenge of staff being resistant to change. By explaining the reasons behind a new system to create an understanding, outlining the benefits and providing training, you will be on the road to staff embracing these changes.

The key to planning the end-user strategy is reviewing the practicalities – How many people need to use and understand the new system? How quickly do you want the rollout to all staff?

Millennium offers 3 different types of training:

On-Site Training

Millennium offers on-site training for users with limited Unit4 Financials experience, super users requiring advanced training or technical users requiring instillation and system management training.

We recognise that each client is unique and wishes to address particular areas. Training areas include GL, AP, AR, Fixed Assets, Procurement and Invoice Matching, Coda Excel and Reporting.

Training is tailored to individual client set up and requirements and highly effective in meeting the needs of an organization.

We can provide training to groups of any size but we find the optimal amount of people in each training session is up to 5.

Remote Training

Particularly popular with our overseas clients is remote training. This is provided

on-line at a convenient time thereby negating the time and expense of attending off-site training courses.

We provide the same training services as our on-site training but online using Webex or GoToMeeting. Users can be trained in groups using your own meeting/training room, or users can log-in from their own PC’s or Laptops.

Training Packages

The Implementation of a training and development programs offers several potential advantages. For example, training helps companies to create pools of qualified replacements for employees who may leave or be promoted to positions of greater responsibility. It also helps ensure that companies will have the human resources needed to support business growth and expansion. Furthermore, training can enable a business to make use of advanced technology and to adapt to a rapidly changing competitive environment.

Training can improve employees' efficiency and motivation, leading to gains in both productivity and job satisfaction.

Properly trained staff can also reduce the number of calls to your Coda support team, sometimes up to 50% which will free the support staff to do more important work or enable you to reduce your support team.

Millennium offers bespoke training packages to best fit your organisation. These typically consist of half yearly or quarterly training sessions for up to 5 people at a time. This ensures all new Coda users and existing users are using the latest functionality correctly and efficiently, this eliminates the Chinese whispers style knowledge transfer that is a common problem for busy organisations.

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