Unit4's Best-In-Class Travel & Expenses System from Millennium Consulting

Speedy expense management software that works with your business

Your Benefits

Unit4 Travel & Expenses software takes the pain out of submitting and tracking expenses. Enter transactions and receipt images on the go.

Maintain complete visibility with seamless ERP and financial software integration.

Skip the Training

What if... your whole company – from road warriors to accounting could learn to love their travel and expense reports?

Filing expenses is a pain for most travellers. As a result, they simply don’t do it in time, causing major delays and

compliance issues for expense managers.  That’s not the case with a system that’s user friendly and flexible.

Users don’t require training or knowledge about current regulations, rates or relevant expense account codes to get

started. They simply register their travel and expenses claims online using a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Comply Every Time

What if…..

the easiest way to file expenses was correct the first time, every time?

Even the smallest mistake on an expense report requires your follow up. Doing this with dozens or more expense reports every month is not only annoying, it’s also costly, time draining and risky from a compliance perspective if anything slips your attention. Doing expenses right shouldn’t difficult. At last, we’ve made it easy!

It doesn’t matter if the employee’s expenses are simple or complex, their whole expenses claim can be accessed from a single page. The system can be easily configured to enable data entry at a detailed level by cost centre, project or other dimensions to meet specific organizational requirements. Combine these capabilities with a flexible workflow for reminders, validation, authorisation and reporting and...

doing expenses right has never been so easy.

Connect the Dots

What if… your expense tracking software seamlessly interfaced with your finance and ERP systems?

Data collected and processed by expense management software often needs to integrate with other systems for invoicing and expense reimbursement. Doing this manually isn’t just time-consuming, it’s also error-prone.

That’s why Unit4 Travel & Expenses seamlessly integrates with most ERP, Finance and Payroll applications. And of course it interoperates with Unit4 ERP and Financials applications. The basis for reimbursement of travel expenses or project invoicing is transferred to the ERP, Finance or Payroll system. Master data about employees, users and projects can be synchronised so it only needs to be updated in one place.

Control the Rules

What if…

you could adapt your expense management software as policies and regulations change?

No rule or regulation stays unchanged. But relying on IT or external consultants to respond with new policies and workflows,

is costly and frustrating when you have to do it over and over again. That’s why Unit4 Travel & Expenses is designed to be flexible, so it can easily be configured to meet your specific needs. And when those needs change, you simply adjust the system yourself.

A wide range of travel expenses requirements can be processed in a single system. In addition to travel expense claims that incorporate government-recommended travel allowances or company allowances, you can define and adapt other types of expense claims with specific procedures, expense categories and cost types – without having to ask a coder.